Special Combination Platters (Dinner)

Served with Roast Pork Fried Rice or Steamed Rice Choice of Egg Roll, Chicken Finger, Fantail Shrimp or Teriyaki Beef) (Please Order By Number)

SD1.  Boneless Chicken $11.50
SD2.  Fantail Shrimp (2), Chicken Finger (2), B-B-Q Spareribs (2) $13.95
SD3.  General Tso's ChickenSpicy $12.50
SD4.  Chicken in Garlic SauceSpicy $11.95
SD5.  House Special or Beef Lo Mein $11.95
SD6.  Scallops or Shrimp w. Mixed Veg $12.75
SD7.  Honey Boneless Spareribs $11.95
SD8.  String Beans in Garlic SauceSpicy $11.95
SD9.  Pork or Chicken w. String Beans in Garlic SauceSpicy $11.95
SD10.  Sesame Chicken $12.50
SD11.  Thai Chicken or Pork $12.15
SD12.  Thai Chicken or Pork w. String Beans $12.15
SD13.  Thai Shrimp or Beef $12.75
SD14.  Thai Shrimp or Beef w. String Beans $12.75
SD15.  Black Pepper Chicken $12.50
SD16.  Coconut Chicken $12.75